I am a Complementary Therapist and former Nurse and Midwife with a private practice in South Derbyshire. I provide Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and advanced facial treatments, and have a special interest in women’s health and well-being. I can help with a variety of conditions eg anxiety, stress, back pain and can combine techniques into a bespoke treatment to suit your needs. Perhaps you may benefit from some "me time" and pampering, to improve your well being?

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I will mix essential oils blends for you based on your health needs, and/or preference- eg oils with anti-inflammatory properties for aches and pains, or oils for relaxation etc. 



I am an experienced hypnotherapist and hold a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, and the Senior Qualification with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

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I am a qualified midwife as well as a complementary therapist, and trained to safely offer aromatherapy massage treatments, facials, hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing – and acupuncture.