Why have facial treatments?

  “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self- indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival”

Audre Lorde

If you prefer a more traditional, aromatherapy approach to skincare, pamper yourself with a natural approach to skincare  with a relaxing facial using the lovely Eve Taylor Aromatherapy range. This lovely range of products offers a combination of "nature meets science", with results based natural and  aromatherapy ingredients. http://www.eve-taylor.com

If however you are interested in "cutting edge" results driven skincare,  I offer a range of advanced procedures using cosmeceutical grade products eg. Ultrasound with Diamond Microdermabrasion, LED, Microneedling, Chemical peels, Mesotherapy, Cryotherapy and "Coolift" beauty gun - you will find these under the separate heading "Advanced Skincare Treatments". Advanced Skin Care Treatments

Price list - Facials and Advanced Skincare

For the advanced skin care treatments, I use products the Clinicare Professional range sourced form 4T Medical, and the "Crystal Clear Skincare" range  http://www.crystalclear.co.uk 

CLINICARE is a Swedish company who are leading experts in the field of cosmeceuticals that deliver optimal amounts of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, eg hyaluronic acid, vitamins and epidermal growth factors.


Hypnosis effects

Aromatherapy Facial

My aromatherapy facials are performed using the lovely Eve Taylor Aromatherapy range of products. Facial massage improves the circulation to the skin, which encourages cell regeneration and production of sebum – resulting in increased suppleness and softness. A very relaxing experience.

The stages of the luxury facials include cleansing, steam deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask, toner and moisturiser using the Eve Taylor range best suited to your skin type. For further details please see http://www.eve-taylor.com

A shorter 30 min facial is available - see below

The following Eve Taylor facials are available in Express and Luxury treatments;

  • Express Prescriptive facial - 30 mins - £25
  • Luxury Prescriptive facial - 60 mins - £45
  • Intensive Prescriptive Facial - 75mins - £55
  • Aroma Spa Signature Facial - 75 mins - £55
  • Age Resist facial - 50 mins - £40
  • Clear and Clarify facial - 50 mins - £40
  • Cryogenic facial - 50 mins - £40
  • Revitalising Face & Neck treatment - 50 mins - £40
  • Skin Quenching facial - 50 mins -Skin Rescue facial - 50 mins - £40
  • Ultra Bright facial - 50 mins - £40
  • Winter Rescue facial - 50 mins - £40
  • Microdermabrasion facial - 45 mins - £50
  • Target & Decongest - 30 mins - £25
  • Target & Glow - 30 mins - £25
  • Target & Resurface - 30 mins - £25
  • Target & Quench - 30 mins - £25
  • Target & Sooth - 30 mins - £25
  • Target & Eye Bright - 30 mins - £25
  • Target & Lip Smooth - 30 mins - £25


Facial treatments

Eve Taylor facial 60 mins

Cleanse, steam deep cleanse, extraction (if required), exfoliation, facial massage, toning, moisturising

Eve Taylor mini-facial 30 mins

Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, toning, moisturising. 


Gua sha facial massage

This is a traditional Eastern facial treatment that involves using a flat jade or rose quartz stone in upward strokes to stimulate the skin and encourage the healing process, thus rejuvenating the skin. Pronounced "Gwarshar", the name means "the red scrape" - don't be alarmed by this however, as the facial techniques are far gentler than on the body, when a graze is the desired outcome.

Gua Sha for the face can result in improved circulation to the skin, increased lymphatic drainage and a glowing complexion. The skin on the face is toned,and lifted. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates production of collagen and elastin. Clients feel and look very relaxed following this treatment, and particularly enjoy the sensation of cool smooth jade and rose quartz on the skin.

Gua sha facial massage 60 mins

Using traditional cooling jade and rose quartz tools, with aromatherapy products.


Facial cupping

Also with its roots in Chinese medicine, facial cupping involves using small silicone suction cups to stimulate your skin and underlying muscle structures. Blood circulation is increased, resulting in cell rejuvenation and repair, and relieving muscle tension. Bruising does not normally happen, as the cups are moved constantly - however in very sensitive skin, mild discolouration may be seen for a few days, as it works by separating different layers of tissue resulting in “micro trauma”. This in turn triggers a healing response which stimulates the cells responsible for collagen production. This subsequently minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle, brightens the skin, tones the jawline and chin – and helps to decrease puffiness.

Facial cupping 60 mins

Ayurvedic facial massage and scalp treatment

Traditional Indian Ayurvedic facial massage techniques incorporating “marma” points are combined with the application of hot steam towels to your hair, to aid the absorption of the hair oils. This is a very slow, stress relieving treatment that leaves you looking and feeling deeply relaxed. The treatment concludes with the application of an ayurvedic mask followed by mask removal, toning and moisturiser. Best suited to an evening appointment, as your hair will be soaked in essential oil infused coconut oil, and wrapped in hot towels during the massage - the oils are best left on overnight.

Ayurvedic facial massage & scalp treatment 60 mins