“your body hears everything your mind says”

Naomi Judd

I am an experienced hypnotherapist and hold the Senior Qualification with the GHR.

This powerful therapy can help with a number of conditions including anxiety management and confidence. I have attended a number of additional courses over the years, for example; anxiety management, stress, menopause,  fertility issues and hypnobirthing.

I am also trained as a PICT therapist, Battlefield and Auricular Acupuncture (can aid treatment for addiction, weight loss, stress etc) and EFT (Tapping).

Relaxing with Hypnosis

I could fill several pages discussing what hypnosis is, and what it isn't - and the different techniques that can be utilised, however in my experience most clients prefer to speak to a potential therapist - as rapport and confidence in the practitioner is a very important part of the therapeutic relationship. In the hands of an ethical professional, this is a very safe therapy that can have profound effects.

Used in the clinical setting, this technique is far removed from what you may see on the television or at stage shows - which tend to be the only experience most new clients have ever had of hypnosis. Although I could (if I so wished) host a stage show, this is something I would never consider doing as I believe that this brings the therapeutic techniques into disrepute.

Most clients are a little nervous when they first try this therapy, but after the first session they realise that it is not in the least bit frightening, I haven't made them think they are a chicken - and actually it was very relaxing! At subsequent visits, clients are more likely to let themselves go into a deeper level of trance state, and experience the benefits this can bring.

For more information about what hypnosis is, and should you wish to check my credentials, please follow this link: What is Hypnotherapy? (general-hypnotherapy-register.com). Alternatively, please contact me, or leave me a message if you would like me to discuss your requirements.


Hypno therapy sessions

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For more information about what hypnosis is, please contact me, or leave me a message if you would like me to discuss your requirements.