Treatments suitable for Cancer patients

Your journey with cancer is very personal, and may involve a rollercoaster of emotions. Complementary therapies can help you to relax enjoy a little pampering "me time".

Enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy massage, or perhaps chose to be pampered with volcanic hot stones and essential oils. As an aromatherapist, I have additional training in "Aromatherapy and Cancer" - the use of essential oils in treatments for clients with cancer. Essential oils have powerful therapeutic benefits, and I will mix a bespoke blend for you in a carrier oil ratio which is safe for you.

I have the Hydrotherm system on my couch - this is a deeply relaxing experience which prevents you from getting an uncomfortable "cricked" neck and helps keep your muscles warm so that I can gently work them to relieve tension without risk of injury. Your treatment will be carried out while you lie face up on soothing cushions of warm water - no need to turn over half way through the treatment

My holistic facials are done using the lovely  Eve Taylor face products. The stages of the facials include cleansing, deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask, toner and moisturiser using the range best suited to your skin type. The Eve Taylor range includes a "Soothing" and also an "Ultra Soothing" range.. They offer highly therapeutic and effective benefits both to the skin and to the senses. The gentle oils in the soothing ranges have light scents, which are not overpowering - many clients undergoing chemotherapy treatment find they have a more sensitive sense of smell.

The products contain expertly blended ingredients and essential oils For further details please see

I offer a number of treatments which are suitable for clients who have, or have recovered from Cancer. These include:

  1. Aromatherapy massage Aromatherapy
  2. Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy
  3. Reflexology
  4. Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facials.

I am an experienced hypnotherapist and hold a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, and the Senior Qualification with the General Hypnotherapy Register. Hypnotherapy can help with a number of conditions including anxiety management and confidence.

For more information about what hypnotherapy is, and should you wish to check my credentials, please follow this link: What is Hypnotherapy? ( Alternatively, please contact me, or leave me a message if you would like me to discuss your requirements.

Perhaps you fancy some well-earned pampering? Me time? Relaxation? I have a lovely, warm, quiet therapy room, which is very well equipped to provide a range of holistic treatments, from massage, to hot stones, pedicures to organic facials and gua sha... I have the Hydrotherm system on my couch, providing enhanced relaxation.

Have you ever tried reflexology? This well known therapy aims to improve general health and well being by stimulating a series of points on the feet.  My reflex treatments include a deeply moisturising mask and warm booties.

Gua Sha facial - This is a traditional Eastern facial treatment that involves using a flat jade or rose quartz stone in upward strokes to stimulate the skin and encourage the healing process, thus rejuvenating the skin. Pronounced "Gwarshar", the name means "the red scrape" - don't be alarmed by this however, as the facial techniques are far gentler than on the body, when a graze is the desired outcome.

Gua Sha for the face can result in improved circulation to the skin, increased lymphatic drainage and a glowing complexion. The skin on the face is toned, and lifted. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates production of collagen and elastin. Clients feel and look very relaxed following this treatment, and particularly enjoy the sensation of cool smooth jade and rose quartz on the skin.

Apart from some of the advanced facial treatments, you can enjoy any of the therapies I provide to help you relax.

Cancer patients benefit from being able to relax